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Electrical Troubleshooting Basics

Electrical troubleshooting requires the skill and experience to find the problem — fast.

It’s pretty rare that we don’t get to the bottom of whatever’s causing the problem. But we understand that homeowners are often skeptical when they require electrical troubleshooting. How do you know what we’re doing or how long it will take? Or how big the bill will be?

Trusted and Dependable Problem Solving

On the other hand, you should understand the electrician’s perspective and have realistic expectations.

Normally, Sternberg Electric quotes a project rate for an electrical job, rather than an hourly rate, once we’ve looked at what the work entails.  But if we don’t know what’s wrong, it can be a time-consuming process of trial and error, testing parts and connections, and narrowing down the root cause.

Our goal is to save you money and fix the problem permanently. We’re not going to replace one part after the next until we find the culprit. That’s expensive and unnecessary.

And we’re not going to hope it’s fixed, only to have you call us back for another service call. That costs both of us time and money and certainly doesn’t result in a satisfied customer.

However, electrical troubleshooting is not the same as a free estimate consultation. It is billable time.

Our electrical troubleshooting services are quoted on an hourly rate. If we figure out what’s wrong, we will need to bill you for our time, tools and equipment.

Electrical Troubleshooting that gets Results

If we can’t find a solution to your electrical problem, we won’t charge for our time troubleshooting.

That’s only fair. We’re not going to charge you for something we can’t fix. And you should insist on that policy for any electrician you work with.

We will earn your money for troubleshooting by finding a solution to the problem, presenting options for the most cost-effective, energy-efficient repair or upgrade, and providing a written, no-obligation estimate.

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