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Standby Generators for Businesses

Emergency business standby generators provide the electricity you need for your business when unpredictable weather or unforeseen power outages would otherwise leave you powerless.

It’s easy to lose thousands of dollars very quickly with the inability to operate your business because of unexpected circumstances:

  • Minnesota’s severe winter blizzards or thunderstorms
  • A power station blackout
  • A car crashing into a power pole

Whether the outage is a few hours or a few weeks, properly installed standby generators safely and effectively provide 24/7 peace of mind protection.

How Standby Generators Work

An automatic business standby generator monitors the interruption of power.

When it detects an interrupt, it closes power to the main utility line (for the safety of line crews and so you’re not powering the entire neighborhood).

It then opens power from the generator, automatically, in a matter of seconds. And when your power is restored, it returns to standby mode all on its own.

Sternberg Electric offers complete and customized setup and installation of your business standby generator, from ordering the proper and compatible equipment to the concrete slab or other material it sits on, to grounding, the interlock system, testing and education for its use.

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