Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply: Keep Business Moving

Without an uninterruptible power supply in place, you may be left idly waiting out a power outage. Power failures decrease productivity and can create unsafe work conditions.

UPS System - Uninterruptible Power Supply - Sternberg Electric - Forest Lake, MN - Battery Power SupplyHaving a UPS system installed does more than just ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

These systems offset numerous electrical service irregularities that would otherwise compromise computers, networks, and other critical equipment.

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What is a UPS System?

An uninterruptible power supply, commonly referred to by its acronym of “UPS,” is just that — a system that provides an uninterrupted flow of electrical power during power outages.

How uninterruptible power supplies work

Within uninterruptible power supplies, there is an IEC coupler that delivers voltages up to 240 volts. Depending on the size and scope of the operation's power requirements, uninterruptible power supplies can supply a continuous flow of electricity to a single desktop computer or an entire office or facility.

Under normal power conditions, the battery within the UPS remains topped. Any power the system doesn’t need is simply bypassed. When the system controller detects a change of current or voltage, the UPS system picks up the difference and electrical flow to equipment is stabilized instantaneously.

Why a UPS system may be vital to your business

According to data compiled by the non-profit organization Climate Central, many areas of the United States are experiencing an increase in power outages due to severe weather.

Minnesota may fare better than other states throughout the region, but we are not immune to severe weather or the occasional outage. For a data center or critical facility, a single outage may be more than enough to seriously disrupt the normal flow of business. Or worse yet, compromise data or systems.

How are UPS systems used?

UPS units are useful in many types of commercial, industrial, and critical applications. Beyond emergency lighting, powering hospital equipment, servers, and desktop computers, UPS systems can be used in virtually any scenario where an outage or power fluctuation could seriously hamper operations or disrupt the use of essential or life-saving equipment.

UPS Systems: Not Just for Power Outages

The main reason commercial operations have a UPS unit installed is to provide continuous electrical power during outages. But these systems also correct power irregularities that can negatively affect equipment.

In addition to ensuring uninterrupted power, these systems can also be used to counteract:

Sags in voltage. Sags are a type of voltage drop, yet also different as they also increase electrical impedance within the line. They disrupt the performance of equipment that relies on a constant voltage, whether due to precise voltage requirements or internal, voltage-dependent clocks. A UPS system can prevent drops in voltage by counteracting the change.

Spikes. Usually, people think of UPS systems as correcting voltage drops. But these systems can also act as buffers to prevent overvoltage, an electrical service irregularity that can harm electrical equipment.

Transients and oscillations. When a portion of the electrical grid is hit with lightning, or the utility switches systems, it can cause transient and oscillating voltages. These rogue voltages can damage critical equipment, leading to data issues and/or component damage.

Voltage drops. Certain components require a constant voltage. Any deviation below or above that threshold can result in failure or undesired operation of equipment. UPS systems counter spikes and drops, ensuring only the correct voltage and current reach the equipment.

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