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Commercial Energy Audit - Sternberg Electric - Minneapolis, MN - Control PanelOn average, 30% of a business’ energy costs are for energy that is simply wasted. Sternberg Electric’s commercial electrical energy audit saves money for Roseville-St. Paul businesses.

As a business owner, you’re aware that energy makes up a large percentage of your operating expenses. You may have even taken steps to reduce energy consumption. Such as turning off lights and programming certain HVAC functions.

But if you've never had an energy audit performed, you might be missing some of the biggest energy wasters.

When you're ready to reign in your energy expenditures, call Sternberg Electric. Read on to see how much your business can save by implementing our recommendations.

What is an Energy Audit?

A commercial energy audit includes both building and equipment usage. And helps us determine which methods will effectively curb energy usage. For this reason, we sometimes refer to energy audits as a building energy assessment.

Sternberg Electric offers a turnkey solution. We correct the one shortfall with energy audits — putting the plan into action. So it follows that we don't just look into where energy is being wasted in the facility. We’ll also ensure our recommendations are actionable and deliver long-term savings.

How Much Can You Save?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the average Minnesota business pays $684.24/mo in energy costs. Which translates to roughly $8,210.88 per year.

Depending on the products or services of your business, energy usage can be much higher. Manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and commercial remodeling are good examples.

But based on the state’s average energy costs, you can expect to save the following:

  • 20% reduction —$1,642.18 in annual savings
  • 40% reduction — $3,284.35 in annual savings
  • 60% reduction — $4,926.53 in annual savings
  • 80% reduction — $6,568.70 in annual savings

Getting Started

To begin, Sternberg Electric will work with your staff in developing a project scope. We'll determine the specific goals you want to achieve. Energy audits can range from basic to all-encompassing. Our assessment strategy takes into account the everyday realities of your business.

What's in the Audit Report

Your audit report will likely include an evaluation of the following:

We will provide a detailed breakdown. You can compare the costs of implementing the recommendations with the projected savings.

Sternberg Electric is an expert in commercial and industrial electrical contractor services. We are uniquely qualified to help your business save energy costs.

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