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Installing Surge Protection Devices

As today’s homes have more and more electronics in them (such as computers, high-definition televisions and video games) there is a greater need than ever for whole house surge protector installation. Surge protection devices guard against electrical surges entering the home and causing damage to sensitive equipment.

Until recently, people were very limited in their choices for protection. Some people would buy many individual surge protector strips and put them in every room, hoping to protect their televisions and computers. Others would attempt to unplug everything during a storm, risking electrical shock in the process. Still, others would do nothing at all, figuring any damage that occurred would be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

However, in today’s world, there is now whole house surge protection, which makes it easier than ever to have peace of mind while protecting important and expensive items.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole house surge protector installation enables homeowners to surf the web, watch television and enjoy all their electronic gadgets without worry of an electrical surge damaging their equipment. In addition, there are many other benefits such as:

  • Eliminating multiple protector strips
  • Decreasing risk of electrical shock
  • Offering protection to key areas of your home

What Do Surge Protection Devices Do for Me?

One of the best features of whole house surge protection installation is knowing the whole house is protected. In order to accomplish this, most homes are divided up into three areas, which are known as:

  • Main Zone
  • Interior Zone
  • Exterior Zone

The Main Zone of a home is considered the first line of defense against an electrical surge, with surge protectors being installed in the breaker box, and on the main electrical box for the telephone, helping to prevent surges from entering one’s home.

Interior Zone surge protection involves using point-of-use equipment to guard home offices and home theaters against electrical damage. This provides a second line of defense against surge damage, eliminating the need for a maze of cords that need to be unplugged each time.

Finally, Exterior Zone protection is offered for such items as air conditioners, swimming pools, heat pumps and more located outside the home.

Using an Electrician for Installation

As with any electrical installation job, it’s vital to use a qualified professional electrician to ensure whole house surge protector installation is done safely and correctly. Doing so greatly decreases the risk of something going wrong and causing a fire, which can not only damage equipment but possibly injure or kill anyone inside the home.

It’s also a requirement of many insurance companies that electrical installations be done by a qualified professional. If it’s determined otherwise many insurance companies will refuse to pay for any damages that may occur.

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For even more safety tips, print out our Residential Electrical Fire Safety Checklist.

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