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Power Factor Benefits For Your Business

Correcting Power factor is an energy efficient technology that saves commercial and industrial businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars annually by substantially lowering their utility bills.

When you are operating at a low power factor, the utility company charges a “demand penalty”. Take a look at your electric bills.

If you are paying demand penalties every month – it’s time to substantially reduce or completely eliminate this unnecessary expense.

"Power factor is a measure of how effectively the current delivered to the equipment is converted into useful energy and is shown as a percentage. If your power factor is below 90 percent (or shows more than 10 percent loss in efficiency) your demand is adjusted upward. Xcel Energy, like many utilities, charges extra for low power factor, because it costs the utility more to build and operate the additional equipment that carries the extra current to operate your equipment."
Xcel Energy (Source: In Business Guide from Xcel Energy, page 2)

Keep in mind that correction is a one-time cost, but the protection and savings go on for years! In many cases, your investment is returned to you in utility savings in as little as one to three years.

Benefits for Eden Prairie Car WashSternberg Electric corrected the power factor in this Minneapolis car wash facility.

It experienced immediate and ongoing savings.The investment paid for itself in less than two years.

Two More Power Factor Benefits

Longevity of your machinery and equipment

Uncorrected power factor will cause power losses in your distribution system. You may experience voltage drops as power losses increase. Excessive voltage drops can cause overheating and premature failure of motors and other inductive equipment.

Energy Efficiency

You’re doing your part in helping preserve the environment while strengthening your endeavor to be a green-conscious company.

Take Action with a Free Power Factor Analysis

Sternberg Electric will perform a free, detailed assessment. We’ll show you how much you are spending in excess, and why, using your own utility bills along with our tools and expertise. We’ll provide options and recommendations so that you can start saving money immediately.

Power Factor Correction is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to address the challenges of high utility expenses and optimal machinery performance.

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