Master Electrician Projects in the St. Paul Area

Featured projects include:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
  • Timber Frame Log Home (new construction)

Old Electrical Panels

Do you have an old or obsolete electrical panel? They don't work correctly anymore, you can't add circuits or get replacement parts, and they are a dangerous fire hazard. Time for an electrical panel upgrade like those pictured in Edina and Saint Paul. Also pictured is an electrical panel in New Brighton we upgraded in the nick of time. The main kept tripping and you could feel that the panel was hot. We took the cover off, and the aluminum lug was red hot, ready to meltdown. Eventually, the main would have locked up and wouldn't come back on. The connection was bad and could have started a fire or melted down the wire at any point.

Timber Frame Log Homes

We have the experience to take on more complex projects than the average electrician. A great example is the new construction log homes we've worked on. Our gallery features a timber frame home located in Stillwater. By the way, we built that amazing light fixture! It is wrapped in SAP panels, not conventional sub walls. You'll also see photos of a log cabin we worked on in North Branch. We provided the electrical for the entire build. We enjoy the challenge of Log home electrical work.

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