Why Hire
Sternberg Electric Service?

Sternberg Electric Van - Local Electrician - Roseville, MNGet to know your local electrician. In 2004, Sternberg Electric Service established itself as a premier residential and commercial electrician in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. Learn about how we give back to the communities we serve.

Sternberg Electric is dedicated to providing clientele with the highest level of customer service, reliability, and professionalism.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on electrical panels.

All employees undergo consistent, ongoing training to stay proficient in the most efficient and cost-effective electrical processes, equipment and parts.

For our commercial clients, we make minimal downtime and fast turn-around a priority. In addition, we save our customers money through improved energy-efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Electrical Safety

As electrical safety is key to any project’s success, Sternberg Electric is committed to it on every job we perform. We care about educating our customers on the safe use of electricity in their home or business.

Sternberg stays apprised of the latest safety codes and industry standards, and always adheres to city and state regulations.

Electrical Troubleshooting
Advantages of a Local Electrician

Electrical troubleshooting is an area of exemplary skill. Contractors normally charge you for their time while attempting to find and diagnose problems keeping your electrical system from working properly.

If they can’t find the problem, you are typically billed for the effort. If they’ve narrowed down the problem, but haven’t pinpointed it exactly, you are often billed for unnecessary parts and labor. As your local electrician, being a good neighbor is more important to us than a few extra dollars.

Sternberg Electric is so skilled and efficient at electrical troubleshooting, that we don’t charge our customers if we can’t find a solution. And we save you money because it takes us less time, and fewer materials, to get the job done right

For everything from basic residential licensed electrician repairs to full-scale commercial and industrial electrical installations, Sternberg Electric is the contractor of choice.

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