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May is Electrical Safety Month

The non-profit Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) sponsors several campaigns throughout the year to educate the public - of all ages - about electrical safety at home, school and the workplace.

All 31 days of May are specifically dedicated to National Electrical Safety Month.

Electrical Safety: Awareness is Key

ESFI's goal is to reduce the number of electrically-related fires, fatalities, injuries, and property loss. They believe that raising awareness is the key and develop numerous visuals, guides, and other publications to support their cause.

Sternberg Electric is a huge proponent of electrical home fire safety on behalf of Minneapolis homeowners, is an active member of the National Fire Protection Association, and also contributes support to organizations such as ESFI to promote electrical safety.

Be sure to visit our Safety Tips section and print the checklist to review possible hazards in your home or business. And don't hesitate to take appropriate action right away to resolve any issues.

Home electrical fires are a real problem and most can be prevented. You may also be interested in learning about Arcing (Arc flash) and surge protection.

Electrical Safety Resources and Education

The ESFI provides very well-done electrical safety resources for children, teachers, businesses, and adults of all ages.

In addition, they've launched a new publication this year called Electrical Safety Illustrated. You can download a free copy here.

Serving Minneapolis, MN as an electrician for many, many years – we've witnessed first-hand the dangers and disasters of electricity when it is taken for granted or misunderstood. We feel it is our responsibility to help educate our customers, friends, and neighbors.

And, our current Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, agreed when he proclaimed the month of May as Electrical Safety Month, as also recognized by the Minnesota Safety Council. View the State of Minnesota Proclamation.

At Sternberg Electric, we hope you'll take Electrical Safety seriously. We urge you to take action by learning about electricity and to take appropriate precautions.

Be safe and protect your home and family.

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